Seeing Angels Everywhere!

Judith MacNutt’s mother used to pray for the sick when Judith was only a little girl. One day, she had to pray for Judith too. She had been hit off of her bicycle and was run over by a drunk driver. The doctor told her mother not to bother driving her to the hospital because he felt she wouldn’t survive the 100 mile trip. But her mother began to pray over her.

Of course, Judith did survive or we wouldn’t be featuring her story today. Her life was spared for God’s purpose. She literally sees the glory light of God and angels in many places and I believe her ministry is to tell others about it in order to increase their faith in a spiritual realm that most of us cannot see.

Watch this amazing, inspirational video to hear about some of her amazing supernatural experiences.

“His presence came in such a supernatural way,” said Judith as she fell into a trance-like state at the Garden tomb in Jerusalem.

Her experience with angels at the Garden tomb was astounding but very real. She heard them singing to worship God in a harmony that is “not of this world.”

Listen to the amazing discussion about how angels protected Judith in Jerusalem. Her experiences are not unusual. We all have similar experiences where angels protect us but often our senses are not in tune enough to recognize this.

Angels are also sent to heal us and to fight spiritually for our wellbeing. She had an encounter with one when she was receiving prayer for healing of uterine cancer at a house gathering with Francis MacNutt. The surgeon who was to remove it then told her that she had been totally healed and that there was no cancer!

The video concludes with two other surprising stories of encounters with many angels. You’ll have to watch to find out what these were all about. It will be worth your time!

Judith later married Francis MacNutt, a well-known healing minister, and they still see angels in their healing prayer ministry today.

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