Heavenly Voice of a Boy Sings How Great Thou Art

He’s only 12 but this boy’s voice is powerful and beautiful. This video features him singing an old favourite “How Great Thou Art” in front of a large audience.

Definitely gifted by God to sing for Him!
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  1. Luis Rivera says:

    WOW…GOD ALMIGHTY is being glorified in the voice of this very young man. It bring joy to my soul when i hear this young believer…

    • Daily Inspirational Videos says:

      I agree Luis! This boy’s voice was meant to glorify God. We will be adding more inspiring praise music.

  2. Ms Wiggins says:

    WOW, is all I can say about this video. I remembered this music score from many years ago… What an incredible presentation! Thanks.

    • Daily Inspirational Videos says:

      Thank you for your comments and we’re glad this brought back good memories. We will be posting more inspirational music often.

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