She Was Pressured to Abort Her Third Child But God Saved the Baby!

Today is International Women’s Day! In some parts of the world, women are looked down upon if they give birth to a child that is… a girl! Having a girl instead of a boy brings shame to the family. When a woman gives birth to a second or third girl, the community believes she is cursed. She may be pressured or forced into having an abortion instead of celebrating the new life within her womb. Some women are completely rejected [...]

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Young Man Recovers Miraculously From Brain Death After a 4-Wheeler Accident

Zack Dunlap’s grandmother prayed while doctors prepared to donate the organs of his dead body to bring life to another human being. His parents had agreed to the organ donations because this was Zack’s wish, as stated on his Driver’s Licence. The transplant team and helicopter were ready to go. Then something miraculous happened. Zack had been in a catastrophic 4-wheeler accident and was declared dead. A newspaper article reported on it. His parents and church organization had prayed for [...]

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A Christmas Blessing for the Homeless in New York City

Two young guys in New York City decided that the homeless also deserve to open a present under the Christmas tree. See how they manage to make that happen. Making people smile and giving out some joy and useful items was a pleasurable experience for this Santa and elf. Giving is a pleasurable experience at any time of the year, and St. Nicholas of Myra began this tradition in the 4th century. He was a faithful Christian who had a [...]

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